21 Card Slot Vadis Frame


    The VADIS mainframe V888 is an audio router, which uses the modular architecture of the VADIS router line. The V888 can be used for the following:
    • Audio routing
    • Fiber optic distribution
    • Format conversion

    Each V888 mainframe can be equipped with up to twenty-one (21) audio/data interface and DSP plug-in cards, which can be combined freely.

    There are interface plug-in cards for the conversion of formats like:
    • Balanced analog audio
    • AES3
    • S/PDIF
    Further cards are available on request.
    The signal processing within the V 888 is carried out via DSP plug-in cards, which can be loaded with DSP software plug-ins used for the following:
    • Equalization
    • Dynamics
    • Mixing
    • Level adjustment
    • Level metering

    • 21 Slots for VADIS Plug-In Cards
    • Hot-Swap Function for the Exchange of Plug-In Cards During Operation
    • 24 Bit Digital Audio
    • 3RU 19" Rack Mount Housing
    • 8 GPI Inputs and Outputs

    Power Consumption 200 VA
    Number of Digital Channels 256
    Supply Voltage 85 VAC min., 264 VAC max
    Power Frequency 50 - 60 Hz
    Height 6.97" (177mm)
    Width 19" (482mm)
    Depth 16.73" (428mm)
    Weight 37.4 lb (17kg)