The V2300 is a 4-channel 48V OCTO-BUS I/O plug-in card for VADIS frames. The OCTO-BUS Card is designed for use with Digital Public Address (PA) Systems and with Radio Broadcast (RBC) Systems.
    The OCTO-BUS is a proprietary KLOTZ DIGITAL, fully bidirectional bus system for the exchange of audio and control data between a VADIS frame and its connected OCTO-BUS modules or between a VADIS frame and other OCTO-BUS-connected VADIS frames.

    Apart from the audio and control data, the OCTO-BUS lines can also carry power, for example in the context of a PA System to internally supply connected OCTO-BUS Paging Panels. If necessary, the power has to be fed into the bus lines, e.g. via a Line Interface.

    The V2300 has the following functions:
    • Exchange of audio and control data between the following devices:
    • VADIS frame holding the OCTO-BUS Card and OCTO-BUS modules or
    • VADIS frame holding the OCTO-BUS Card and other VADIS frames, one other frame per OCTO-BUS
    • Transmission of commands from the frame to the OCTO-BUS modules
    • Transmission of status replies of the OCTO-BUS modules to the VADIS frame
    • Monitoring of the supply voltage of the Line Interface
    • Monitoring of the states of the OCTO-BUS modules

    • Provides 32 I/O Channels Via the OCTO Bus
    • Designed for Use in the V212C-HDD and V888 VADIS Frames

    Number of OCTO-BUS lines 4
    Connector Type 4 x Built-In RJ45 Connectors, 8-Pin, Female
    Audio resolution 24 Bit Max
    Number of Audio Channels 4 x 8 Channels @ 16 Bit Audio Resolution
    Data Rate 7.5988 Mbit/s
    Sample Frequency 48 kHz