10 Card Slot Frame

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    The VADIS 212C mainframe is a compact 19" rack mount audio router. The V 210C is equipped with an integrated PC (IPC) and an internal power supply. The VADIS frame V212C-HDD is purpose-built for various
    uses such as a digital audio router, stage box, remote controlled microphone pre-amp and GPI. It allows for various applications in the
    fields of:
    • Varizone distributed audio systems
    • Broadcast
    • PA systems for stadiums, theaters, airports, or shopping malls
    • Conference systems

    The V212C-HDD offers full compatibility with the VADIS platform, including audio networking via 64-channel fiber optic interfaces.
    Combined with an Ethernet or CMI connected mixing console the VADIS frame V212C-HDD provides a compact digital solution as a broadcast On-Air console. Furthermore, the V212C-HDD can be fully integrated into the AtlasIED VARIZONE PA system.

    Interface plug-in cards for the conversion of established formats like balanced analog audio, AES3, AES3-id, S/PDIF, MADI, and others are available. The signals can be processed within the V212C-HDD with DSP cards. The following functions, loaded onto the DSP card as software plug-ins, are available:
    • Equalization
    • Dynamics
    • Mixing
    • Level adjustment
    • Level metering etc.

    The data exchange between the V212C-HDD and the VARIZONE system busses is carried out via OCTO/DSS bus I/O plug-in cards.


    Power Consumption 200 VA
    Number of Digital Channels 256
    Supply Voltage 85 VAC min., 264 VAC max.
    Power Frequency 50 - 60 Hz
    Height 5.2" (132mm)
    Width 19" (482mm)
    Depth 13" (332mm)
    Weight 22lb (10kg)