DSS Bus I/O Card 48V for VADIS

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    The 48V DSS bus I/O card V2100 is a plug-in card for VADIS mainframes and belongs to the VARIZONE product line. Via the V2100 DSS (digital speaker system) bus card, audio and control data are exchanged between the VADIS system and the DSS bus.

    The DSS bus is a proprietary KLOTZ DIGITAL bus system for the distribution of audio and control data to and from powered modules.
    The DSS bus I/O card provides 4 busses. Each of these busses is connected to a line interface input. The line interface adds the power supply to the audio and control data coming from the VADIS frame and outputs the extended data via its bus outputs to the DSS bus modules.

    The exchange of control data is fully bidirectional. Audio data however, can only be transferred from the VADIS frame to the DSS bus.
    The V 2100 has the following functions:
    • Transmission of audio and control data from the VADIS frame to the DSS bus modules
    • Transmission of control data from the DSS bus modules to the VADIS frame
    • Monitoring of the supply voltage of the line interface
    • Monitoring of the states of the DSS modules

    • Provides 32 Output Channels Via the DSS Bus
    • Designed for Use in the V212C-HDD and V888 VADIS Frames

    Number of DSS Busses 4
    Connector Type 4 x Built-In RJ45 Connectors, 8-Pin, Female
    Audio resolution 24 Bit Max
    Number of Audio Channels 4 x 8 Channels @ 16 Bit Audio Resolution
    Data Rate 7.5988 Mbit/s
    Sample Frequency 48 kHz