Texas Tough Fan Kit for 30" Deep Racks

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    The TT-FK4-4 fan kit provides quiet and effective dissipation of heat, for equipment mounted in Texas Tough 30” deep cabinets. The included filter cover plates allow for cooling path control.

    Four 115 CFM 4” (100mm) diameter fans provide 460 total CFM to ensure maximum air flow. Fan motors utilize ball bearing supports for the best performance and long life. On the outside, users are protected from rotating blades by the wire mesh screen. On the inside, users are protected by the chrome plated finger guard. Unit also comes with a 6’ polarized 115VAC power cord and ten 16-guage CRS black powder-coated filter covers.

    Fans may be mounted for exhaust or intake cooling.

    The CFT-125 (sold separately) fan thermostat can be used with the TT fan kit to help regulate ventilation control

    • Designed for Texas Tough 30” deep racks
    • Mounts in existing Texas Tough rack top panel
    • Four fans with 115 CFM rating (each) to provide rapid and efficient heat dissipation
    • Suitable for exhaust cooling or intake circulation
    • Includes Texas Tough filter cover plates to help control cooling path
    • Finger guards and power cord included

    CFM 115 CFM per fan (460 CFM combined)
    Voltage 115 VAC
    Power Consumption 15W per fan (60W combined)
    Length 4.72" (120mm) per fan
    Width 4.72" (120mm) per fan
    Height 1.51" (38.4mm) per fan
    Power Cord 6 ft
    Warranty Period 12 months from date of purchase

    TT-FK4-2 and TT-FK4-4 (11 pages) TT-FK4-2 and TT-FK4-4 (11 pages)
    TT-FK4-4 (1 page) TT-FK4-4 (1 page)