TSW10 10 inch Powered Home Theater Subwoofer

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    Thunder Bass

    Deep, rich sounding 10 inch subwoofer

    Designed For Home Theater

    Bring your movies alive!

    Universal Compatibility

    Works with any audio system


    The TSW10 powered subwoofer was created to meet the needs of the demanding audiophile while delivering the dramatic Low Frequency Effects (LFEs) that are essential to any complete home theater. This subwoofer easily connects to any audio system using either the high or low level inputs. The unit can additionally pass full range audio out to additional speakers if required. The variable crossover allows the user to fine tune the sound to their taste and the vent on the bottom of the unit delivers exceptional bass for both music and movies, making listening a true experience.

    Make your music and movies come alive with MTX Subwoofers

    • Class AB Amplifier Technology
    • 150W RMS Power
    • Line Level Stereo Input
    • High Level Input with Audio Pass Through
    • Variable Gain Adjustment
    • Variable Low Pass Filter 60Hz - 180Hz, 12dB/oct
    • Polarity Switch - 0°/180°
    • 115V/220V Compatibility
    • Down Firing Port

    Subwoofer Size 10"
    Frequency Response 33Hz - 150Hz
    Low Pass Filter 60Hz - 180Hz, 12dB/oct
    Hi Pass Subsonic Filter 24dB/oct @ 24Hz
    Polarity Switch 0°/180°
    Height 15" (381mm)
    Width 14.05" (356.9mm)
    Depth 16.33" (414.8mm)
    Shipping Weight 36 lbs (16.3kg)
    Warranty Period 60 months from date of purchase

    TSW10 and TSW12 Owner's Manual (12 pages) TSW10 and TSW12 Owner's Manual (12 pages)