1 x 3 Distribution Amplifier

  • Power Supply Sold Separately
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    The TSD-DA13 1x3 distribution amplifier is designed to provide clean, isolated signal distribution locally or to remote locations. The unit allows a balanced mic or line level source to be distributed to three isolated variable outputs making it a perfect solution for applications including convention centers, houses of worship, restaurants/sports bars and industrial facilities.

    A high quality, low noise mic pre-amp, defeatable 3dB low cut filter @ 125Hz and dual summing RCA line level inputs are included as part of the unit's input section. These features combined with the 3 mic / line level outputs allow for multiple configurations.

    Isolation between outputs prevents crosstalk, removes miss matched input impedance concerns and allows for adjustable levels on each connected device.  All I/O (except the summing RCA inputs) is via Phoenix style connectors for installation convenience.

    Unit requires Power Supply that is sold separately for proper function, multiple TSDs can be powered with one power supply based on current requirements. This unit has a power requirement of 60mA so any of the available TSD power supplies can be used with the unit. For multiple TSD applications use the TSD Power Calculator to determine the proper power supply needed.

    One (1) Balanced Mic/Line Input with Switchable 24V Phantom Power
    High Gain (50dB), Low Noise Mic Preamp
    Summed Dual RCA Input
    Three (3) Isolated Balanced Mic/Line Outputs
    12dB/Octave Low Cut Filter @ 125Hz
    Signal/Peak Indicator LED's
    High Gain Output for Driving Long Balanced Lines
    Removable Phoenix Style I/O Connectors
    Separate Ground Connections
    Energy Efficient
    Power Supply Sold Separately
    Tech Specs
    Frequency Response 20Hz - 20kHz
    Input impedance 1.2KΩ Balanced, 600Ω Unbalanced
    Input Low Cut Filter 125Hz/12dB Defeatable
    Output impedance 300Ω Balanced, 150Ω Unbalanced
    Signal to Noise Ratio 90dB
    24VDC Power Requirements 60mA
    Height 1.5" (3.81 cm)
    Width 4" (10.16 cm)
    Depth 2.5" (6.35 cm)
    Weight 6oz., .165kg
    Voltage Compatibility 24V
    Support Files
    Owners Manual ATS003936B TSD-DA13 Owners Manual (12 pages) View | Download
    TSD-DA13 Application Guide (2 pages) View | Download
    CAD Drawing TSD Series CAD Drawing Download