GCK Service Pack 14 Hot Fix 4 (V14.4.0)

Package Download Link: GCK Service Pack 14 Hot Fix 4

GCK Application Download Link: GCK Application 1.2.13

  • This release serves as an update to GCK Service Pack 14
    • GCK Service Pack 14 must be installed before applying this hotfix.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the GCK Service Pack 14 Hot Fix 4 package.
  2. Apply the GCZ update package.
  3. Install the GCK Application 1.2.13

HF4 (14.4.0)

  • GLOB-1197: Fixing LiveFromAlternateSource from paging console
  • GLOB-1196: Reinitialize tel built incorrect LastDataUsed.xml
  • GLOB-1195: Fixing offline mode for Lifeline
  • GLOB-115: Creating new 528 template button, deletes other buttons
  • GLOB-114: LIR Relay triggers not working on Lifeline
  • GLOB-1163: Multiple devices can have the same mic number
  • GLOB-1162: Touch mic zones appear twice on ActivityMonitor
  • GLOB-1159: Scheduled actions do not start
  • GLOB-1158: Event actions with start delay do not start
  • GLOB-1141: GCK sets touch mic analog mode to disabled when sending data to mic station
  • GLOB-513: Push ToneSchedules.xml to lifeline
  • GLOB-484: New DDC configuration defaults
  • GLOB-72: Relay fault triggers do not operate when lifeline is active

HF2 (14.2.0)

  • GCK-750: Fixed error when saving: "Cannot access vacs.xml"
  • GCK-756: Fixed output zone on 571D mic stations.
  • GCK-681: Fixed issue setting levels on IPX devices.
  • GLOB-401,399,35,782: GCK App ux improvements
  • GLOB-784: Updating extension online status indication
  • GLOB-325: Fixing orphaned dab bug
  • GLOB-75: Speeding up tel extension wiring
  • GLOB-584: Fixing empty scheduled action behavior
  • GLOB-348: Updating default system supervision poll interval
  • GLOB-1076: Fixed issue recovering Dante zones.
  • Added permanent routing feature to Dante to improve performance


HF1 (14.1.0):

  • Major Dante service improvements for routing speeds and 4-button mics.
  • vACS: (GCK-720) Fixed issue processing Line-In audio into BGM RTP for the IP speakers.
  • vACS: (GCK-721) Fixed interference between tasks used to monitor the Dante services.
  • vACS: (GCK-729) Improve resiliency against lost responses to remote ACS announcement requests
  • GCK App branding changes