GCK Service Pack 14 Hot Fix 7

Package Download Link: GCK Service Pack 14 Hot Fix 6

GCK Application Download Link: GCK Application   

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  1. GCK Service Pack 14 must be installed before applying this hotfix.
  2. GCK Service Pack 14 Hot Fix 6 must be installed before applying this hotfix.

Installation Instructions:

  1. If you are not already running GCK v14.6, then install the "GCK Service Pack 14 Hot Fix 6" package from the link above. 
  2. Download and install the GCK Application (v1.3.8.1) from the link above.

HF7 (14.7.0)  GCK Application Only update.

  • GLOB-1492: Cannot add a new license for a Lifeline
  • GLOB-1490: Lifeline allows the user to save when not logged in.
  • GLOB-1459: Pressing the "Save" button on a lifeline sets the local controller IP to
  • GLOB-1458: clicking on the "Info" button on a Lifeline does not show the network configuration.
  • GLOB-1512: Fix the ability to add 524 mic stations to the system configuration.

HF6 (14.6.0)

  • GLOB-1411: Fixed Dante zone recovery issue on repeating prerecorded announcements.
  • GLOB-1141: GCK sets touch mic "analog mode" to Disabled when sending data to mic station.
  • GLOB-1390: Support Annuncicom A100 device in a Dante GCK system.
  • GLOB-1389: Support newer 1522LR hardware.

HF5 (14.5.0)

  • GLOB-1331: Fixed issue routing BGM to Titan and Cobranet DNA.
  • GLOB-1311: Fixing large toneschedule.xml bug
  • GLOB-353: Fixing tel service startup Issue
  • GLOB-573: Fixing the force lifeline button
  • GLOB-1313: Fixing IPX levels bug
  • GLOB-1312: Fixing icon page definition
  • GLOB-351: Fixing tel line-in audio bug
  • GLOB-1314: Fixing Caller-ID login with tel
  • GLOB-1315: Fixing external from local
  • GLOB-1317: Fixing noise sensor devices in GCK
  • GLOB-1213: Live annc from a Tel source on a CobraNet system is not routing correctly to both Cobranet and IPX zones.
  • GLOB-1140: Dante module must miss 3 pings in a row to be declared offline.
  • GLOB-1260: Dropping zones when receiving a multiACS annc request that contains multiple zone groups with overlapping zones.
  • GLOB-1268: Fixing potential deadlock when adding a mic to the MicUpdateList.
  • GLOB-1269: Clean up event logging, do not log an error when a user presses an unused mic template button.

HF4 (14.4.0)

  • GLOB-1197: Fixing LiveFromAlternateSource from the paging console
  • GLOB-1196: Reinitialize tel built incorrect LastDataUsed.xml
  • GLOB-1195: Fixing offline mode for Lifeline
  • GLOB-115: Creating new 528 template button, deletes other buttons
  • GLOB-114: LIR Relay triggers not working on Lifeline
  • GLOB-1163: Multiple devices can have the same mic number
  • GLOB-1162: Touch mic zones appear twice on ActivityMonitor
  • GLOB-1159: Scheduled actions do not start
  • GLOB-1158: Event actions with start delay do not start
  • GLOB-1141: GCK sets touch mic analog mode to disabled when sending data to the mic station
  • GLOB-513: Push ToneSchedules.xml to lifeline
  • GLOB-484: New DDC configuration defaults
  • GLOB-72: Relay fault triggers do not operate when the lifeline is active

HF2 (14.2.0)

  • GCK-750: Fixed error when saving: "Cannot access vacs.xml"
  • GCK-756: Fixed output zone on 571D mic stations.
  • GCK-681: Fixed issue setting levels on IPX devices.
  • GLOB-401,399,35,782: GCK App ux improvements
  • GLOB-784: Updating extension online status indication
  • GLOB-325: Fixing orphaned dab bug
  • GLOB-75: Speeding up tel extension wiring
  • GLOB-584: Fixing empty scheduled action behavior
  • GLOB-348: Updating default system supervision poll interval
  • GLOB-1076: Fixed issue recovering Dante zones.
  • Added permanent routing feature to Dante to improve performance


HF1 (14.1.0):

  • Major Dante service improvements for routing speeds and 4-button mics.
  • vACS: (GCK-720) Fixed issue processing Line-In audio into BGM RTP for the IP speakers.
  • vACS: (GCK-721) Fixed interference between tasks used to monitor the Dante services.
  • vACS: (GCK-729) Improve resiliency against lost responses to remote ACS announcement requests
  • GCK App branding changes

Support Files

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