GCK Service Pack 13 Hotfix 3 (v13.3.0)

Package Download Link: GCK Service Pack 13 Hotfix 3

Prerequisites Download Link: GCK Service Pack 14 Prerequisites

  • This release serves as an update to GCK Service Pack 13
    • GCK Service Pack 13 must be installed before applying this hotfix.
    • Previous GCK Service Pack 13 HotFixes do not need to be applied before installing this hotfix, all previous SP13 hotfix changes are incorporated into hotfix 3.
    • SP13HF3 reuses some prerequisites from SP14, so the SP14 prerequisites installer must be applied as well.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the GCK Service Pack 13 Hot Fix 3 package.
  2. Apply the GCZ update package.

SP13 Hot Fix Changes:

  • Hotfix 3:
    • Support Reduced ready state gpio traffic on IPCSD1/4 mic stations.
    • GCK-664: Start the dante services when running primary, stop them when running in LL monitor mode.
    • GCK-675: Not always updating dante devices correctly when they are actively routing an annc during a save.
    • GCK-600: Filter out duplicate sequence numbers when receiving RTP.
    • GCK-655: Live with chime to just remote zone groups via RTP does not work if a Dante system is the initiator.
    • GCK-658: Fixed issue causing scheduled actions to sometimes play once outside of the start/stop time.
    • GCK-659: Don't automatically advance the announcement to active if the remote system nack's immediately.
    • GCK-660: Not routing a T112 input correctly when initiated via an IEDnet announcement request.
    • GCK-664: Control dante services startup based on the vACS mode.
    • GCK-685: Fixed issue causing false mic faults.
    • GCK-694: Fixed issue causing mic template updates to hang.
    • GCK-677: Fixed Intercom Manager to work with IPX's
    • GCK-720: Fixed issue processing Line-In audio into BGM RTP for the IP speakers.
    • GCK-721: Fixed interference between tasks used to monitor the Dante services.
    • GCK-729: Improve resiliency against lost responses to remote ACS announcement requests
    • GCK-750: Fixed error when saving: "Cannot access vacs.xml"
    • GCK-756: Fixed output zone on 571D mic stations.
    • GCK-681: Fixed issue setting levels on IPX devices.
    • GLOB-75: Speeding up tel extension wiring
    • GLOB-584: Fixing empty scheduled action behavior
    • GLOB-1076: Fixed issue recovering Dante zones.
    • Added permanent routing feature to Dante to improve performance
  • Hotfix 2:
    • SSP-260: SMC: Don't force Tel proxy to an IP address.
    • GCK-635: DeviceConfigService: Level slider changes in the SMC do not make it to the device.
    • GCK-636: vACS is not sending text information in announcement requests sent to remote8000 devices.
    • GCK-639: DeviceConfigService: Do not set the T112 PageRelay and the mute the inputs when adjusting the overall level.
    • GCK-641: vACS: DNA2404D zones are sometimes getting unrouted from active announcements.
    • GCK-642: vACS: IPCSD1 and IPCSD4 stations do not move to "ready" when a live announcement is initiated via an IEDnet announcement request.
    • GCK-644: vACS: Support sending visual information with Telecite style time tags.
    • GCK-645: SMC: Fixed issue routing line-in device as a BGM source in a Cobranet system.
  • Hotfix 1:
    • GCK-628: (DeviceConfig) Fix faults when re-initializing IPX speakers.
    • GCK-631: vACS service re-enumerates players and recorders when the number of sound devices changes.
    • GCK-632: Tel service re-enumerates players and recorders when the number of sound devices changes.
    • GCK-633: (vACS) Fix issue causing some generic Dante devices to get reported as offline X minutes after they are reset.

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