GLOBALCOM.IP GCK Service Pack 12 Hot Fix 3 (V12.3.0)

Package Download Link: GCK Service Pack 12 Hot Fix 3

  • This release serves as an update to GCK Service Pack 12
    • GCK Service Pack 12 must be installed before applying this hotfix.
    • Previous GCK Service Pack 12 HotFixes do not need to be applied before installing this hotfix, all previous SP12 hotfix changes are incorporated into hotfix 3.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the GCK Service Pack 12 Hot Fix 3 package.
  2. Apply the GCZ update package.

SP12 Hot Fix 3 Changes:

  • GCK-454 (SMC/DevCon): Changing IP Speaker levels only works for the first speaker in the IP endpoint group.
  • GCK-456 (Tel): Tel gets locked up if you hang up too quickly.
  • GCK-469 (IC Service): Not correctly reading in the IC Request Acknowledge tone.
  • GCK-447 (vACS): Not routing BGM to the proper Dante transmitter on a T112.

SP12 Hot Fix 2 Changes:

  • GCK-434 (vACS): Not updating all mic templates when instructed to by the SMC.

SP12 Hot Fix 1 Changes:

  • GCK-419 (vACS): Support new DAB cobranet (4x8) modules.
  • GCK-423 (Disco): Not always discovering T112 and DNA amps.
  • GCK-424 (SMC): Enabled level slider on zone forms for dante devices.
  • GCK-425 (Disco): Stop extraneous ARP traffic.
  • GCK-427 (Dante): Improve ability to set mic GPIO reducing occurances of timeouts.
  • GCK-428 (vACS or Dante): Fix ability to stop Dante routes after a delayed annc is preempted.
  • GCK-430 (vACS): Touch screen mics not always being updated when they request it.

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