Alternate Reporting from NetCon Devices like 1516LI, 1516ALI/BLI

In the configuration web pages for devices built with the 1500NC NetCon module, there are two properties under network settings:

   Report IP:     [______]

   Report Port:  [______]

This is for an alternative (non-proprietary) reporting scheme to IEDnet, which as of this article writing has never been used.  The idea was to provide some simpler mechanism for an integrating wishing to incorporate this into a system/installation that does not involve an AtlasIED GCK or similar controller.  For example, this device might be used with a Crestron controller that can receive network reports from devices such as this.  When using one of these devices with a GCK system, these fields should be left blank (zeroed out).  These reports are described below.

When a logic input state changes and these settings are configured, the device will send out strings of the form:


where X is the input number and [State] is 0 for open and 1 for closed state.  UDP reports are ASCII strings terminated by <CR><LF> characters.  So, if there is a program listening on the report IP/port, it will see strings like:



Also, the device will also send out a string “reset” on power up. 

This Report UDP port can also be used for sending queries about the current state of closures.  One sends a query in the form: 


Again, where X is an input number 1..N.  A report in the same format as above is returned to the source/requesting port.