T9016RY, T9032RY, T9040NLR Contact Current/Voltage Ratings

The data sheets for the Titan devices that contain relays do not cover the current and voltage ratings for the relay contacts, so additional information is provided here. The relays in these devices are Panasonic AGN200 series relays.  The relays have two sets of contacts which are doubled up inside the units to give twice the current rating shown in the attached specification table.  So, for example, where the table says 1 A 30 VDC (resistive load), the Titan unit can do 2 A at this voltage.  This table is an extract from the more complete relay specification available on the Internet.

Note, that when attached to capacitive or inductive loads, such as the coil of a larger power relay, the Titan relay contacts should be protected by clamp diodes and/or capacitors to prevent arching and pre-mature wear on the contacts.  One can type “protect relay contacts inductive loads” into Google to find many references on this topic.  One reference IED found was provided on Digi-Key’s website from Meder, a copy of which is attached to this article as well.

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