Date/Time Problems w/ GCK License

As part of the strategy to guard against illegal use of products, the license software watches for "funny business" regarding system and file dates.  This includes checking the creation and modified dates/times of the license files on the system.  

One way somebody can get into trouble with the licenses is to first create a license with the date/time all wrong in Windows.  This establishes a funky creation date for the license file, such as tomorrow, 3 years ago or next year.  Then, a Windows time comparison to this will fail the test criteria.  Or, after fixing the date, one then tries to re-apply the license.  Now, the modify date and creation date of the license file are at odds with each other (e.g., modified today, but no created until tomorrow).

One should not apply a license until AFTER the system gets its proper date and time -- including time zone.  If this is not followed, then it perhaps is best to completely clear the license, set date/time and then re-apply the license.

The easiest way to clear the license is as follows:

  1. Go to the Update License page in SMC
  2. Put the cursor in the License ID edit box (top most)
  3. press Ctrl-Alt-D.  A password prompt box should appear.
  4. Enter the IED Password of the Day (PWOD) which may be found by running the PWDTool or PWOD utility.

Now a fresh license can be applied.