GLOBALCOM/Enterprise Hybrid Server Web Page Setup Notes

** March 2016:  When originally written this configuration was only used when combining GLOBALCOM with PRIZM/Enterprise on the same server.  It now has become the standard configuration for GLOBALCOM/CONTROLKOM (GCK) when installed on any non-application computer **

When GLOBALCOM and Enterprise are loaded onto the same server, it is necessary to adjust the configuration of the web pages. For example, the System Management Center (SMC) can no longer be the default web page, as it must co-exist with other pages such as those for T-CAS and the System Logger.

IIS Setup

1. Delete SMC web site

2. Under Basic Settings:  Select .net classic app pool for T-CAS and SystemLogger

3. Under “Authentication” in both T-CAS and SystemLogger

  • Disable “Windows Forms Authentication”
  • Change anonymous authentication to use application pool identity

4. Move all SMC files from c:\inetpub\wwwroot\ to "c:\IED\Webpages\SMC"
    (If already present, just delete files in wwwroot.)
     Note: two files ONLY must remain in wwwroot: clientaccesspolicy.xml
              and crossdomain.xml

5. Add “SMC” application under Default Web Site

  • Use GlobalCOM App Pool
  • Use directory “c:/IED/WebPages/SMC”
  • Make sure “iisStart.html” is deleted from same directory
  • In web.config file of same directory do the following:
    a.  Replace “PATH_WWWROOT” node from “c:\inetpub\wwwroot\” to “c:\ied\webpages\SMC\”
    b. Change WebApplication_RelativeRoot to "\SMC\
    c. Change PATH_MESSAGES node to "c:\Messages\" (Assuming put on C: rather than D: drive)

6. Fix connection string in Global.asa files:

  • C:/ied/t-cas/global.asa
  • C:/ied/SystemLogger/global.asa
  • Append “\SQLEXPRESS” to server name in the connection string and save.