VoIP / Telephone Paging with GLOBALCOM


The IED/Atlas Sound GLOBALCOM Announcement Control System (vACS) provides several methods of communicating to Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) enabled VoIP devices and PBX systems utilizing multiple PBX extensions, telephones or soft-phones.  Some extensions can be programmed to perform a direct action such as a live page, delayed page, play pre-recorded messages or initiate a sequence of events.  In addition, each extension can be configured to present a set of voice prompts allowing the user to enter paging codes via the telephone touch pad.  All connections can be secured, requiring the user to enter a PIN to proceed.  Using these methods hundreds of extensions are possible with the GLOBALCOM vACS system allowing greater paging and communications flexibility.  

Connectivity Methods

  • SIP Trunk - A SIP trunk is a server to server connection utilizing Voice Over IP (VoIP) to connect two PBX hosts.  GLOBALCOM vACS systems that utilize SIP trunking can provide paging functions for multiple extensions.
  • SIP User Extension - In this configuration the GLOBALCOM vACS enables users to configure virtual SIP endpoints that function similar to soft-phones.  
  • SIP Server / PBX - The GLOBALCOM vACS core software comes with its own SIP based VoIP PBX System built-in.  This functionality allows users to connect SIP based phones and soft-phones to a GLOBALCOM vACS directly without the need for a 3rd party VoIP PBX. 
  • Analog to VoIP Gateway Device - Allows Analog phone lines or PBX's to connect to the GLOBALCOM SIP Server and VoIP system using one of the previous three SIP connection methods.  We recommend Analog Gateway devices that support FXS and FXO. 

Figure 1 - VoIP Networking for GLOBALCOM (SIP Trunk or SIP User Endpoint)


Figure 2 - GLOBALCOM Provided VoIP PBX


Figure 3 - Interfacing to Legacy / Analog PBX Systems


Network Requirements

GLOBALCOM vACS systems can be connected to PBX systems on the same physical network or VLAN or across wide area networks (multiple VLAN's) using a network router.  In any case the VoIP PBX must be able to have control and VoIP audio payload routed to the control port on a GLOBALCOM vACS Server. 


GLOBALCOM Configuration

Configuration of the GLOBALCOM vACS for VoIP paging operations is done via the vACS's System Management Center web page.  It is assumed that all required configuration steps on the host provided VoIP PBX has been completed for either SIP trunking or SIP user endpoint modes.  For detailed instructions on configuring the telephone interface within GLOBALCOM please reference the System Management Center Users Manual.


Additional Resources

  • Connecting a Grandstream Analog Gateway to a GLOBALCOM vACS


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