T6400 Series Power Amplifier Cards

Product Description and Specifications for the T6400 Series Power Amplifier Cards.

The T6400 Series of power amplifier cards are Class D (switching mode) dual and single channel that are used in the Titan series power amplifier mainframes. Each model of amplifier may be used in the IED T9160 digital Integrated Power Amplifier Mainframe or in the IED T6400 analog 2-Card Power Amplifier Mainframe. Any card may be placed in any slot in the mainframes without requiring any configuration settings to be made on the amplifier cards.

Class D operation combined with an integral switching mode power supply offers many advantages, and the unique IED design makes full use of these benefits. They include:

Higher Efficiency

Increased Reliability

Improved Performance

Lower Operating Cost

Switching mode operation combined with high voltage power MOSFET devices make it possible to eliminate the heavy, costly, bulky transformers.


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