GLOBALCOM.IP GCK Service Pack 5 Hot Fix 1


Download Link: GCK Service Pack 5 Hot Fix 1

  • This release serves as an update to GCK Service Pack 5
    • GCK Service Pack 5 must be installed before applying this hot fix.
    • This is a single package release that supports both 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems.

SP5_HF1 Changes:

  • SMC v5.1.0 (2.1.6488.32501)
    • HF1 (3898): Allow users to manually adjust the calibration constant on the DNA ambient form.
    • HF1 (3937): Problems loading titan mon/test data from the XML.
    • HF1 (3954): Fix ability to export takes ("Recorded Messages" and "Chimes").
    • HF1 (3955): Allow Cobranet monitor route to stay active after the monitor window is closed.
  • vACS v2.6.0.6
    • HF1 (199): Failover to the Lifeline if the Cobranet sound card faults.
    • HF1 (3900): Remove the limitation on the number of simultaneous calls from the internal TEL.
    • HF1 (3904): Actions that repeat with X minutes between plays are timed incorrectly.
    • HF1 (3952): Multi-byte visual characters are not sent to remote systems correctly.
    • HF1 (3953): The text displayed by the remote system does not match the audio on multi-ACS PDRP announcements.
  • Device Config Service v2.0.1.3
    • HF1 (3893): Fix "program" meter on the titan ambient screen.
    • HF1 (3938): Service loses communication to a titan during a set/test.

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