T112/T112-C v1.3.0.0 (May 2022)

  • Changed the Fault relay to be ON during normal operation and OFF for faults. It now matches the back panel silkscreen and documentation. More importantly, loss of power is now seen as a fault. Before it was on for faults.
  • Captured the IEDnet broadcast message to set the T112 time/date (needed to schedule speaker test).
  • Added noise sensor config setting. This allows remapping of local noise sensors (1 sensor can be used for many channels) and allows remote noise sensors (from ZOP).
  • Fixed DspComm standalone app for the factory tester.
  • Strip out Windows <CR> from websocket POST messages. This fixed the websocket POST set time/date issue.
  • Add the CobraNet priority bumping logic.
  • Add the CobraNet chip lockup detection and reset feature.

Support Files