How to Upload Objects in ViewProp in Win7/Win10/later

Unfortunately, newer versions of the IEDnet Communication layer/service cut off the large buffers used by ViewProp to upload objects, thus breaking this function. The work-around for this is to run ViewProp with the older (non-service) version of IEDnet in a kind of "sand box" on your computer. The attached ZIP file has all the files necessary. 

What you do is the following:
  1. Unzip the files to a folder such as C:\IED\ViewProp_w-Old_IEDnet
  2. Go into Windows Services and stop IEDnet Communication Service and everything that is dependent on it (Windows will prompt you to stop dependencies. Just answer Yes.) If you get an error while stopping it, try again. Due to the amount of time it takes, it sometimes times out.
    (Alternately, load these files on a computer/laptop which doesn't have any IED software (IEDnet) installed on it.)
  3. Go to the files and run ViewProp (and NetMon32 if you like) from that folder. 
  4. Do the Upload operations you would like.
  5. Probably easiest to reboot the machine to get new IEDnet and dependent services all back online again.

Depending on the computer's security settings, Windows Defender/Firewall may say it is blocking the old IEDnet. Simply click on the [Allow Access] button when prompted to un-block it.


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