GLOBALCOM.IP/GCK Service Pack 14 (v14.0.0)

The process of updating a GCK system has changed, please download and follow the SP14 Installation Instructions. To complete the SP14 installation process, one will need to download the following installers:

Additional Information and Options

This version does not work on Windows11.

It is recommended that all Dante devices controlled by GCK be updated to at least Dante firmware v4.x.

In GCK, there are options for loading user-defined Takes (WAV files) from GCL libraries.  The following libraries are currently available (click on item link):

Also, the user can put large icons on Events so they appear better on the Paging Console page.  IED has developed some commonly used icons, which are available in the following ZIP file Download Link Here.

To install the IED Diagnostic Tools Library, download and run the IED Tools Installer.

Support Files