GLOBALCOM.IP GCK Service Pack 6 Hot Fix 1

Package Download Link: GCK Service Pack 6 Hot Fix 1

  • This release serves as an update to GCK Service Pack 6
    • GCK Service Pack 6 must be installed before applying this hotfix.
    • Previous GCK Service Pack 6 HotFixes do not need to be applied before installing this hotfix, all previous SP6 hotfix changes are incorporated into this hotfix.
    • This is a single package release that supports both 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems. 

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the GCK Service Pack 6 Hot Fix 1 package.
  2. Apply the GCZ update package.

SP6 Hot Fix Changes:

  • SMC v2.1.7003.21667
    • Fixed issue with IC and Monitor touch template creation.
  • vACS v3.0.1.0
    • Fixed an occasional stutter when initiating the playback of a prerecorded file.
    • Fixed issue processing logic state changes on NLR and LVIO devices.
    • Fixed issue starting a DelayedFromAltSource from a Logic Input.
    • Fixed multiple announcement request issue with CSD1 and CSD4 stations.
    • Clean up Dante module fault event handlers.
  • DeviceConfigService v2.2.1.0
    • Memory leak fix.
  • Dante Service v1.2.0.0
    • Avoid sending two messages to the same receiver within the same time slot.
  • vACS Device Discovery Service v2.2.0.3
    • Fixed MDNS discovery message.
    • Support discovery of IPx speakers.

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