Configuring Titan Frames (T9160) to not time out announcements after 4 minutes

Use View Prop (typically c:\ied\tools\Titan\ViewProp.exe make the changes to The Titan Frame(s): 

  1. Type 32752 in the "Device to Query" box. 
  2. Type the IP address of the frame in the IP entry at the bottom of the screen. 
  3. Click "Get objects" 
  4. Double click: "65500 (74) Zone Mgr." 
  5. Click the "T" button in the window that opens 
  6. Find: "Zone Time-Out Max State (3p1)" 
  7. Edit the property to a value of 2 
  8. Click "Set Prop" 
  9. Close this window 
  10. Click "Make Perm" 
  11. Change IP address for next frame and repeat starting at step 3.

This will need to be completed for EACH FRAME.


DISCLAIMER: The ViewProp.exe is a powerful tool and if used incorrectly can result in severe misconfiguraion and possibly even damage resulting in a system outage.  Please follow instructions exactly and do not use this tool for any purpose other than as instructed by IED.