Configuring SipServer on an 1100/1200


SipServer is a IED "PBX-Lite" which is used for 2 reasons:

  1. For demonstrations where there is no House PBX. 
  2. When interfacing to an analog system through a VoIP gateway device such as a Grandstream 4104


To set up SipServer:

  1. Go to c:\ied\services\sipserver
  2. Using a text editor, edit sipserver.exe.config.
  3. Change the value of "LocalIPToUse" to match the IP address of the vACS.
  4. Find the section labeled <extensions>.
  5. There should be an long list of extensions. Ensure that the user and password configuration matches that of the extensions used by the local "SIP Telephone" devices and 1100T extensions. Add extra extensions as needed. Make sure the extensionNumber is unique. Currently, IED SIP software requires that the extension number and userName match.
  6. Ensure that there is a line for all Grandstream extensions defined in the Channels screen. These extensions are typically in the 10000-10007 range. Ensure that they have isGatewayExtension set to True.
  7. Ensure that there is an incomingCallMap entry for each Grandstream extension. Ensure that the forwardTo value matches a number assigned to a SIP Telephone device extension. This is the extension which will answer calls made on to the analog line plugged into the Grandstream.
  8. Ensure that all non-Grandstream extensions have isGatewayExtension set to False.
  9. Save the file.
  10. Restart the "IED SIP Server" service.