Configuring GoodReader® to Sync with the IED Data Manual

GoodReader® is a 3rd party application for the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch that can be used to download and catalog the IED Data Manual containing all current and historical technical specifications and product literature. For more information on GoodReader, please visit:


  1. If not already connected, join a wireless network.
  2. Open the “Good Reader” application.
  3. Open the “Connect to Servers” panel located on the right section of the application interface.
  4. Press “Add” to add a new connection.
  5. Select “FTP Server” as the type from the “Create New Connection” window.
  6. Setup the FTP server using the configuration below:

    Readable Title: IED
    Password: 54321ied
    Encoding: UTF8 (This is the default and you should not need to change it.)
  7. Press the “Add” button when complete.
  8. You should now see the “IED” server connection as an available server in the “Connect to Server (tap to connect):” panel.
  9. Press the “IED” server connection to open the server. Press the name text, not the blue arrow on the right. This will open the connection to the server.
  10. Press the “Data Manual” folder to highlight it in a pale green.
  11. Press the “Sync” button to set up a synchronized folder.
  12. Press “Proceed” if prompted.
  13. Press “Download here & Synchronize” at the bottom of the pop‐up window. This is the location where the Data Manual folder will be placed in your My Documents folder. This opens the “Sync Parameters” box.
  14. In the “Type of sync” section, turn the “Download Only” sync “ON”.
  15. Touch the blue “Sync” button on the top right corner of the box. The download will start.
  16. The initial download can take as long as 30 minutes through a normal connection as there is a lot of data to transfer on the initial download.
  17. Once the Data Manual folder has synchronized, it will appear as a Remote Sync folder in the Web Downloads panel. Pressing the green button below the folder name will trigger the application to synchronize with the FTP server
  18. If the download stops before it is complete, tap on the “syncing Data Manual” popup box to cancel and then tap the green sync button to restart. If this fails again, close the GoodReader app, and turn off the iPad, turn it back on, and retry the sync.

* Third Party Software Disclaimer