LC11CS / LC12DCS Call Switches

LC11CS and LC12DCS contractor configurable call switches are designed for page and intercom flexibility in the IED
LANcom SCS with either the LC331IC or the LC372SR communications modules. Multi-function intercom call switches
provide call requests and/or emergency functions to dispatch personnel at facility’s head-end or office location. Single
(LC11CS) or dual (LC12DCS) pushbutton switches are available with the LANcom communications module. Each call
switch is configurable to signal on one of four unique input lines for pre-defined functions. The system will sound a signal
in the office and give audible confirmation in the classroom when an intercom request button is pressed. System connection
is through CAT5 or better structured cabling terminated with RJ-45 connectors. The call switches each fit in a 1 gang
deep box.

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