LC21HS Intercom Handset

The LC21HS handset is an optional component of the LANcom SCS system. It may be used with either the LC331IC
or the LC372SR communications modules. It allows an intercom call to switch from public mode to private mode by
transferring the room microphone and loudspeaker to the handset for the duration of the call. The overhead loudspeaker
is disconnected automatically when the handset is lifted from its cradle. The LANcom SCS system restores the
loudspeaker operation when the handset is returned to the cradle or when a public mode announcement is made or bell
signal is played.
The LC21HS features a contemporary style handset with integral coiled cord and a hook switch, mounted on a 2-gang
plate. The handset connects to the communications module by way of CAT5 or better structured cable, terminated in
RJ-45 connectors.

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