LC200AF Power Amplifier Mainframe

The LC200AF 2-Card Power Amplifier Mainframe is designed to house, supply power to and cool up to two amplifier cards for use with the IED LANcom SCS. The mainframe is designed to mount in a 19” equipment rack/cabinet, taking up only 2 rack units (RUs) of space or 3.5” of vertical space. All cooling is back to front, so no additional vertical space is required in the rack for cooling. The mainframe has removable rack mounting ears, which may alternately be placed near the bottom of the mainframe for ease in mounting this unit on a wall, such as in a telephone closet, or on the back for rear rail mounting reinforcement. There are two models of LANcom amplifier cards that may be put into the mainframe for loudspeaker driving options of 25V and 70.7V distributed. Each amplifier card is capable of supplying 200 Watts of continuous power to each channel of its designed load type. A full frame is capable of driving 4 channels of 200 Watts.

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