Setting GCK IP Address and HTTPS Trust

Starting with Service Pack 3 (SP3) of GCK, the SMC web pages are served via encrypted secure sockets.  The attached document describes how this is handled by Internet Explorer and how to deal with (initial) warnings about certificate errors.  

Certificates are based on IP address of the IP1xx controller running GCK.  It is important to always change the IP address of the controller via one of two approved methods:

  • Change it on the front panel (LCD menu). 
  • Change it in System Management Console (SMC)

To change it on the front panel, scroll down to the Login option and log in.  The default password when shipped is 7436.  (This default may be changed in SMC under My Controller.)  Then scroll down to the Network section.  Press select while on the IP address and enter a new IP address, followed by subnet mask and default router/gateway (if any).  For further information on using the LCD menu, see Appendix F in the latest GCK User Manual.

To change it in SMC, first access SMC.  Then log in and go to the Configuration section, My Controller.  Enter new network address information here, followed by the OK button and then the Save option at the top.

Note, when the IP address is changed, the controller will reboot which can cause the LCD menu to reset and loss of access to SMC during the reboot process.