4 inch Mounting Ring for 16 inch or 24 inch Studs

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    Versatile mounting ring installs to a variety of torsion-spring grilles with 4" (102mm) speakers in drywall, plaster and conventional ceiling construction.

    Recommended for ease and economy when a protective enclosure is not specified. CRS construction.

    Finished in black epoxy. Includes torsion tabs. TR411 includes ears for mounting to 16" or 24" O.C. studs.

    • Includes Mounting Ears for 16" or 24" OC Stud Mounting
    • New Construction Ring for 4" Torsion Mount Baffles
    • Not for Use When Enclosures Are Required

    Diameter 6 3/8" (16.1925 cm)
    Shipping Weight 2.00 lbs (0.91 kgs)
    Mounts Baffle T51-4, T710-4, T720-4(BT), T730-4W(B)
    Warranty Period 60 months from date of purchase

    TR411 TR411