Telephone Power Supply with Talk Line

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    PS / RPS / TPS Series. This extensive selection of power supplies has been developed to perform under the application requirements and operational parameters of commonly used ranges in communications equipment. To guard against excessive line currents, all models are fused or circuit-breaker protected in the primary. Most units also contain fast-acting fuses located at the output to protect circuitry from accidental overload. Barrier strip output terminals allow for wire-insertion ease and protect against shorted connections.
    Compact size and light weight lend themselves to convenient installation almost anywhere. Wall mounting is easily achieved via mounting ears on the 6 3/4’ L models or with keyhole slots in the chassis of the larger 

    13 1/4" L units. In addition, four rubber feet are provided on the 13 1/4" L models for secure shelf mounting. For attractive installation in 19" W equipment cabinets, an optional factory-assembled, black textured rack mount accessory shelf (Model PS-RK) is offered to support four 6 3/4" L units or one 13 1/4" L unit. Rack shelf comes complete with front viewing hole for the power indicator light of the 13 1/4" L models and knock-outs to accommodate line cords.
    Model PS-12-10. Compact 12 VDC (1 Amp) power supply designed for use with up to 12 switched WhisperTouch® volume controls.
    Model PS-M12. Compact 12 VDC (200mA) power supply has a 1/8" mini plug for direct connection to the 
    M-1CB4A connector block (powers up to four F-1 infrared flashers) or for use with up to three switched WhisperTouch volume controls.
    Model TS-242. UL Listed unit is used for a variety of applications that do not require a regulated supply. Model includes a 117 VAC unswitched outlet, neon pilot lamp, barrier-type terminals, and perforated grille for ventilation. Finished in black epoxy. Unit can be rack mounted using shelf Model PS-RK

    • 5 Amp Output at 24VDC
    • Compact Size and Light Weight
    • Barrier Strip Output Terminals
    • Wall Mounting is Easily Achieved via Mounting Ears
    • Fused to Guard Against Excessive Line Currents

    Input Power 117 VAC, @ 60 Hz, 26 Watts
    Output Power 24 VDC @ .5 amp
    Height 3 5/8" (9.2075 cm)
    Width 6 3/4" (17.145 cm)
    Depth 2" (5.08 cm)
    Shipping Weight 3.00 lbs (1.36 kgs)
    Warranty Period 36 months from date of purchase