8" Dual Cone In-Ceiling Speaker with 25V/70V 2-Watt Transformer and 62-8 Baffle

  • CETL
  • 70V100VCAPABLE

    The SD722W combines a world-renowned Atlas 8" commercial duty speaker with the industry's most accepted grille design to create a very aggressively priced ceiling speaker solution.

    • Voiced to Closely Match Frequency Response of Atlas C Series Drivers
    • 25V/70.7V Operation with ¼. ½. 1 & 2 watt Transformer Taps
    • 62-8 Style White Grille Complements a Wide Variety of Atlas Enclosures and Mounting Options
    • 6 Pack Master Carton Ordering Minimizes Construction Site Cardboard Waste
    • 5 Oz Magnet

    Speaker Type Treated Paper
    Sensitivity 97dB Average
    Frequency Response 55Hz - 8kHz
    Safety Listed 1480, 2043
    Power Taps .25, .5, 1, and 2W
    Dispersion 105° (2kHz Octave Band, -6dB Points)
    Depth 2.875" (73.025mm)
    Diameter 8.125" (206.375mm)
    Shipping Weight 5.28 lbs. (2.39kg)
    Magnet Weight 5oz

    SD722W Instal Sheet (1 page) SD722W Instal Sheet (1 page)
    SD722W Datasheet (2 pages) SD722W Datasheet (2 pages)