Storage Drawer - Recessed 4RU w/ 14 inch Extension

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    Recessed and flush mounting drawers are offered in multiple panel space sizes and a choice of full or partial extension lengths to accommodate tapes, discs, microphones, tools and accessory items. The 16-gauge CRS drawers mount into 19" cabinets come complete with slides, having hold-in detents and 100 lb.-rated steel ball bearing rollers. Textured smooth finish. (Recessed drawers are ideal for use with 300/320 Series wall cabinets.) Width of all models is 16 1/8" (inside).

    • Flush and Recessed Models Meet Functional and Aesthetic Requirements
    • Selection Includes: Storage, Platform, and Pencil Drawers; General Purpose, Heavy-Duty, Sliding, and Vented Shelves
    • Optional Lock Available for SD Series - SD-LOCK

    Color Ebony Black
    Height 4RU, 7" (178mm)
    Width (Outside) 19" (483mm)
    Width (Inside Drawer) 16 5/16" (414mm)
    Depth 14 7/16" (366mm)
    Shipping Weight 26.00 lbs (11.79 kgs)
    Warranty Period 60 months from date of purchase

    SD4-14 SD4-14
    SD4-14 (1 page) SD4-14 (1 page)