Surface or Flush Mount Microphone Stand Base

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  • Made in USA

    7/8"-27 female flange with base holes on 1 1/4" centers. This flange allows microphone stange to be secured to the flor of areas like drum risers where there is not enogh space for a weighted microphone stand base.

    The QR-2F can be mounted with the 7/8"-27 threaded boss above the floor or resssed in the floor. I can also be used with the QR-2 Quick Release Mic Stand Adapter to improve setup and teardown time.

    • Allow Permanent Floor Mounting of Any Microphone Stand Using 7/8"-27 Threads

    • Durable Design for Use in Touring P.A. Applications

    • Quality Craftsmanship Assures Compatibility and Long-Lasting Performance

    • 4 Mounting Holes on 3.25" Diameter

      4 Mounting Holes on 3.25" Diameter

    Diameter 4"
    Depth 1"
    Mount Type Flush or Surface
    Warranty Period 12 months from date of purchase