12 inch Q Series 2 Cubic ft Enclosure Square

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    This 12" Q Series enclosure has a unique acoustical fiber board permanently affixed to the inner walls of the enclosure which effectively eliminates the "hangover" and vibration normally associated with large metal enclosures.

    To achieve additional rigidity, unique ribs are formed on the back side of the enclosure. In addition, the inner walls are lined with 1 1/2" (38mm) thick fiberglass with a 1 1/2 lb./cu.ft. density to control unwanted resonances in the high end of the frequency spectrum.

    The "Q" Series enclosures are constructed of 18-gauge cold rolled steel. Compound 1/2" - 3/4" (13mm-19mm) knockouts are furnished on all four sides. The front mounting panel of the enclosure is constructed of sturdy 18-gauge steel and incorporates the baffle mounting plaster ring. This panel is isolated by means of a foam gasket to prevent metal to metal contact.

    Two sets of slotted mounting tabs are welded on parallel sides to accept Model QR30 mounting channels (optional) for mounting the enclosure in the ceiling. These mounting tabs may also be used for any specific mounting technique developed by the installer. It is important that the sound contractor take particular note of the weight of these enclosures to determine suitable mounting procedures.

    The entire metal enclosure is finished in black textured epoxy.

    • 2 Cubic Foot Capacity - Matches Well with C12BT60 Driver
    • High Performance Enclosure for 12" Loudspeakers
    • Requires 164-12A (White) or 164-12A-052 (Black) Baffle
    • Fiberboard and Fiberglass Insulation Must be Removed/ Cut Away from the Bottom of the Enclosure to Provide Sufficient Clearance for the 12CX or 12CXT60 Speakers

    Speaker Size 12
    Mounts Baffle 164-12
    Height 8" (20.32 cm)
    Width 23" (58.42 cm)
    Depth 18" (45.72 cm)
    Shipping Weight 28.30 lbs (12.84 kgs)
    Warranty Period 60 months from date of purchase

    Q4412 with 164-12A Q4412 with 164-12A
    Q4412 Q4412
    Q Series Enclosures Datasheet (3 pages) Q Series Enclosures Datasheet (3 pages)