Viskom Telephone Visitation System Plug-in Module

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    Each PVP-6 plug-in module will activate up to six isolated common talk telephone lines. On board LEDS provide status of on hook/off hook condition. Edge mounted barrier strip provides easy termination of twisted pair wiring.

    • Chooes From A Selection of Telephone Styles and Accessories to Meet Functional Requirements
    • Conversational Privacy with Clear Audibility
    • Expansion Convenience of Plug-in Interface Modules
    • Up to 24 Independent and Simultaneous Conversations
    • Up To 4 Atlas PVP-6 Modules Can Be Plugged Into the PVP-24 Control Unit, providing 24 talk pairs

    Shipping Weight 2.00 lbs (0.91 kgs)
    Power Requirement 8 Vac
    Capacity 6 Lines
    Warranty Period 3 months from date of purchase

    VisiKom PV-24, PVP-6 Installation Instructions (3 pages) VisiKom PV-24, PVP-6 Installation Instructions (3 pages)