Compression Driver for Large Format Horn Speakers with 40-Watt 70V Transformer

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  • 70V100VCAPABLE
  • IP56

    Model PD-5VT is a 40-watt driver with 2" voice coil. The unit is equipped with a ceramic magnet and includes a built-in, varnish-impregnated, tropic-sealed, multi-tap 70.7 volt line-matching transformer, (also adaptable to 25 volt audio system operation) which offers a selection of terminals for matching to the appropriate impedance and power taps. The PD-5VT has a plane wave frequency response of 190Hz - 4.2kHz.

    This durable compression driver mounts easily to large format horns that terminate in the standard 1 3/8"-18 male coupling thread. Model PD-5VT is equipped with corrosion-resistant, screwtype, wiring terminals which are protected by a transparent impact-resistant plastic cover. The protective cover also provides strain relief for interconnecting cable.

    Units are finished in grey, baked epoxy.

    Learn more about the importance of protecting paging horns from low frequency damage and view the TSD-HF11 unit designed specifically to protect horns from low frequency damage.


    • 40-Watt Power Rating
    • Environment-Resistant Construction for Indoor/Outdoor Use
    • Powerful Driver Mounts to Large Format Horns to Deliver Outstanding Sound Reproduction

    Frequency Response 190Hz - 4.2kHz
    Sensitivity 111.2 (avg) 190 - 4,200 Hz
    Power Taps 2.5, 5, 10, 10, 20, 40W @ 70.7V
    Height 6 7/8" (17.46 cm)
    Width 6 3/8" (16.19 cm)
    Shipping Weight 7.00 lbs (3.18 kgs)
    Warranty Period 60 months from date of purchase

    PD Series Datasheet (4 pages) PD Series Datasheet (4 pages)