70 Watt Two-Channel Pole Mount Amplifier (Replace with the DPA-102PM)

  • CE
  • 70V / 100V Operation
  • TUV

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    The PA702 pole-mount amplifier system from AtlasIED provides an innovative solution for display systems that require local sound reinforcement.

    Since the first projector was pole mounted in a ceiling, there has been a real quandary about how to best provide local amplification. The PA702 pole mount amplifier is a very elegant solution to solve this issue.

    The PA702 includes a unique mounting pole installation process via a sealed hole incorporated into the chassis design. Simply install the projector mounting pole, align the amplifier chassis hole with the 1.5" mounting tube, and clamp the unit at the desired height above the projector mount with the innovative pole clamp system included with the PA702. Afterwards, install the projector as normal. As a side benefit, the chassis "hole" mounting system provides the necessary security to help deter theft.

    Output is a strong 70 watts x 2 from the efficient rail tracking Class A/B and switch mode power supply technology.

    The PA702 includes a host of other innovative features including an accessory outlet with AC current sense that allows the amplifier to respond instantly from stand-by mode when the projector is powered on remotely. Also featured are separate audio sense turn-on, balanced phoenix style and unbalanced RCA input connections, front panel status LEDs, and recessed screwdriver adjustable tone and level controls.

    The slim profile chassis is also designed to work in a rack mount configuration. An optional rack mount kit allows single or dual mounting of the PA702 in a 1RU high configuration.

    • Includes Features Perfectly Suited for Projection Systems.
    • Innovative, Patent Pending "Through Chassis" Pole Mounting System Makes Installation a Breeze and Keeps the Amplifier Secure
    • Proven BASHT Class A/B Amplifier Design Will Provide Years of Trouble Free Operation
    • Optional Rack Mount Kit - PA702-RMK

    Height 1 3/4" (4.445 cm)
    Width 8 1/2" (21.59 cm)
    Depth 11 1/2" (29.21 cm)
    Shipping Weight 5.50 lbs (2.49 kgs)
    Frequency Response 30Hz - 20 KHz +/-3dB
    Connector Type Phoenix and RCA
    Output Power 70 Watts per channel @ 8Ω RMS 1% THD
    Rack Units 1 x .5 wide
    Safety Listed 60065-ROHS 2006 Compliant
    Optional Rack Mount Kit PA702-RMK

    PA702 Owners Manual RCA Mix (16 pages) PA702 Owners Manual RCA Mix (16 pages)
    PA702 Datasheet (2 pages) PA702 Datasheet (2 pages)