New Z Series All-In-One Sound Masking Solutions NOW SHIPPING

New Z Series All-In-One Sound Masking Solutions NOW SHIPPING

Phoenix, AZ – (January 22, 2019) – AtlasIED is shipping the new Z Series All-In-One sound masking solutions that provide high-quality speech privacy, high-definition background music, and paging functionality.

The Z Series consists of a choice of a four-zone (Z4) or two-zone (Z2) high-definition acoustical system and a wireless-enhanced speech privacy activation sign. Both the Z4 and Z2 include integrated pink and white noise generators for sound masking, as well as mic-line input for paging/background music and a Bluetooth receiver for wireless music transmission.

Now shipping, the Z Series models are easy to install, with a slim, clean design that is aesthetically pleasing in virtually any application. Models can be mounted in-wall, on-wall, or in a rack. Once installed, all hardware and wiring are centrally located behind the secure front panel, making it convenient and easy to access for post-installation service. The front panel display allows for system programming as well as end-user control.

Ideal for healthcare and professional office applications and other environments where sound masking, background music, and paging are a vital part of day-to-day operations, the Z Series simplifies sound masking.

“With an increasing need for sound masking in healthcare and corporate environments, the Z Series gives integrators a highly flexible and functional solution. With high definition audio capabilities, superior sound masking, and an easy-to-use interface, the Z Series is tech that transforms,” says AtlasIED President and CEO John Ivey.

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