AtlasIED Introduces GLOBALCOM.IP

AtlasIED Introduces GLOBALCOM.IP

AtlasIED Headquarters, Phoenix AZ, - ATLASIED introduces GLOBALCOM®.IP – the new standard in enterprise-wide communications unifying VoIP, visual messaging, emergency notification, and pro-audio technologies into ONE efficient solution.

AtlasIED, the leader in commercial audio solutions for over 45 years, is proud to announce the release of the GLOBALCOM®.IP series, the most advanced and interoperable Announcement Control System (ACS) that unifies information technology (IT) solutions, emergency notification, and professional audio into a seamless, scalable, all-in-one solution for any size commercial business.

Most facilities, whether they’re factories, large office buildings, schools, airports, convention centers, or hotels, often use separate systems for communications: paging, emergency notification, and entertainment. Configurations like this are often times not integrated well, which makes them inconvenient to use and expensive to maintain. However, AtlasIED’s GLOBALCOM®.IP eliminates the inconvenience and expense by utilizing two protocols in a single, robust platform:

  • Audio Over Ethernet (AoE) – audio signals are distributed over Ethernet cables instead of traditional wiring.
  • WAN Enabled Voice-Over IP (VoIP) – voice communications travel over the Internet, not traditional telecommunications connections.

What does all of that mean? These two, all-digital, IP-based protocols, working together seamlessly in one package, are the perfect choice for enterprise-wide communication methods such as voice paging, visual alerts, critical emergency communications, and even entertainment.

Controlling these integrated technologies is AtlasIED’s GCK software, an easy-to-use web service that works on any type of device, from a PC or Mac to a tablet or smartphone. Combined with GCK, GLOBALCOM®.IP provides:

  • √ On and off premise notification
  • √ Critical alerts with priority queue
  • √ High-definition audio for clear and intelligible life safety requirements
  • √ Unprecedented message storage and announcement scheduling options
  • √ Ability to record and play back live, delayed pages in a priority queue
  • √ Full-duplex two-way intercom
  • √ ADA compliant visual messaging and graphical way-finding
  • √ Real-time environmental noise analysis that automatically adjusts audio levels based upon the ambient noise in a specific area
  • √ Sound masking
  • √ System monitoring and supervision
  • √ Fully redundant with active failover
  • √ Seamless VoIP telephone system integration
  • √ Built-in Text-to-Speech message support (No need for separate hardware)
  • √ During emergency situations, GCK’s multi-platform availability helps our customers keep the situation in their control and their associates safe with:
  • √ Automated message instructions sent to emergency responders based upon defined risk management protocols
  • √ Zone specific announcements to calm, ensure, and direct people to safety
  • √ Simultaneous broadcast to multiple types of end-point devices
  • √ Complete functional supervision from microphone element to loudspeaker output

Furthermore, GCK allows emergency first responders to securely activate alerts and control GLOBALCOM®.IP from within or outside the premises via software, telephone, microphone stations, or directly interfacing with fire alarm systems.

Moreover, GLOBALCOM®.IP and its GCK interface adds substantial functionality to other products in the AtlasIED family such as its VoIP loudspeakers, digital microphones and paging stations, network power amplifiers, message servers and visual alert displays. It also works with third-party VoIP devices, CobraNet® and Dante enabled devices, and other networked media.

For any type of facility or size, GLOBALCOM®.IP from AtlasIED is the obvious choice for clear and cost-effective communications.

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About AtlasIED

AtlasIED is a global electronics manufacturer providing comprehensive audio solutions for commercial businesses. We save organizations time and money with effective use of audio communication systems, while also helping to maintain a safe work environment. This is accomplished with our industry-leading mass notification, life safety, VoIP and speech privacy systems. Our technologies seamlessly interface and integrate into existing and future analog and IT-based infrastructures.

Our systems are used by the largest enterprise businesses such as Fortune 1000 companies, schools, universities, manufacturing plants, public transportation hubs, sports arenas, hospitals, hotels, and large retail chain stores. We also work in smaller businesses like your local coffee shop, bar, restaurant, and house of worship.

At AtlasIED, we care about every business size and we want each of them to not only survive - we want them to thrive.

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