FS Multipurpose Horns Chosen for Outdoor Movie Theater in Switzerland

FS Multipurpose Horns Chosen for Outdoor Movie Theater in Switzerland

AtlasIED Headquarters, Phoenix AZ - When a product claims to be "multipurpose," you know it's going to be put to the test. The AtlasIED FS Series horns are no different. Their first test was an outdoor movie theater in Switzerland and they passed with flying colors. Not only did they have to provide movie theater quality sound, they also had to be durable enough to withstand the rainy days and cold temperatures in Switzerland and light enough to fasten to the side of a building without any additional support.

The Neues Kino outdoor movie theater looked to Promedias AG, a Switzerland based media technology integrator, for a better sound system that could be permanently mounted outside so they wouldn't have to setup their cabinet speakers on stands for every show. FS series horns fit the bill due to their impressive sound quality, lightweight, rugged durability, and thorough offering of coverage patterns.

Three horns are mounted to the building above the movie screen and fill the viewing area with clear sound. Movie enthusiasts experience HD quality video and audio under the stars of Switzerland while breathing fresh mountain air. It doesn't get much better.


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