Atmosphere™ Wins SCN’s 2021 Most Innovative Emerging Technology Award

Phoenix, AZ - AtlasIED—One of the many innovative and patented components of AtlasIED’s Atmosphere™ digital audio platform and software is a ground-breaking new Ambient Noise Compensation (ANC) technology. Demonstrating greater accuracy in the measurement of noise, as well as unique features to protect privacy, Atmosphere™ ANC was recently honored as The Most Innovative Emerging Technology 2021 by Systems Contractor News. As a winning technology, it features attributes that set a new standard in ambient noise compensation for audio systems. The Atmosphere™ Ambient Noise Compensation technology is honored prominently in the November 2021 digital and print editions of Systems Contractor News.

Atmosphere SCN Installation Product Award Winner 2021"The new Ambient Noise Compensation technology that’s built into our Atmosphere™ digital audio platform takes ambient noise sensing to a new level of accuracy, reliability, and security for the commercial AV industry. Earning the SCN award for Most Innovative Technology validates our dedication to developing products that make a real difference in the quality and performance of digital audio installations,” says AtlasIED President John Ivey. "As an important element of our Atmosphere™ digital audio platform, this patented technology is a culmination of several months of rigorous product engineering and development, and the SCN award is the icing on the cake.”

Unlike conventional ambient noise compensation technologies which rely on microphone-enabled sensors to pick up all noise—including voice—within an environment, the Atmosphere™ system and its X-ANS ambient noise sensor utilizes patented adaptive filter technology to measure an environment’s overall noise level but does not send voice or speech information to the system processor. Instead, the sensor sends this information as data, offering commercial customers a highly secure solution. Additionally, the Atmosphere™ ANC software uses AI to learn user preferences during time of day and through ambient noise data and automatically adjusts volume based on these preferences.

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