Paging, Background Music, & Sound Masking All-In-One

Paging, Background Music, & Sound Masking All-In-One

Las Vegas, NV (June 6th, 2018)  – AtlasIED, the world leader in speech privacy systems, is pleased to introduce the Z Series.

For years, AtlasIED has been known as a leader in sound masking technology with hundreds of thousands of deployments around the world. AtlasIED has transformed Speech Privacy with an unprecedented plug and play solution called the Z Series. With multiple zones and the ability to incorporate paging and BGM, the Z Series has all the functionality that any facility needs in an audio system.

Speech privacy is something that can benefit every business, yet it needs to be a solution that addresses all of the facility’s audio needs, not just sound masking alone. It also needs to be easy to use. This is the Z series.

Z Series Key Features:

A multi-zone, configurable design that incorporates sound masking, paging, and BGM capability from a single wall or rack mount controller.

Available in either a 2-zone (model Z2) or 4-zone (model Z4) configuration where each zone can be configured for sound masking or paging and background music. The zones can also be combined for direct field masking creating either a single or dual zone system. The Z Series allows the integrator to choose what is best for the installation.

Includes factory preset defaults for sound masking settings that have been established by sound masking expert, Dr. Robert Chanaud. Each unit includes a digital display and navigation buttons for easy system setup and use. Proper settings based on the application can be selected before installation is finished. Models work with any 70V loudspeaker and include a Bluetooth receiver for audio streaming.

When packaged with AtlasIED products such as the SHS Series loudspeakers, equipment racks, and MW series microphones, the Z Series becomes an entire audio system that AtlasIED sells and supports. This innovative sound masking solution gives you the control and function you need to enhance your business’s privacy.

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