Leverage Existing IP Infrastructure to Enhance Safety and Communication

Leverage Existing IP Infrastructure to Enhance Safety and Communication

Las Vegas, NV (June 6th, 2018) – AtlasIED is pleased to announce the release of the next-generation in IP Endpoints, the IPX Series, at InfoComm 2018.

In recent years, AtlasIED has set the benchmark in IP loudspeaker and display endpoints with products that have excelled in unified school and industrial communication applications. The IPX Series is the evolution of this product category, maintaining the foundational features found in previous models with the additional enhancements of modern styling and an upgraded high-resolution visual display.

The IPX Series ensures quick and efficient notification through audio and visual messages, making it a perfect solution for safety communications. Emergency notifications need to be targeted and timely with audio that is intelligible and visual alerts that reinforce the audio message.

“The new AtlasIED IPX endpoint is the next generation in safety, security, and mass communication.  The features and stability of the IPX endpoint have never been greater,” said VP of IP Endpoint Development, Alex Puorro. “They offer features that the market has been waiting for and will vastly increase efficiency and clarity of all emergency and daily communications. IPX endpoints also have an improved aesthetic to be cleaner and more appealing to new verticals and customers.”

Through a Unified Communications environment or the AtlasIED Globalcom.IP ecosystem, the IPX Series also delivers smart automation including pre-programmed notifications like bells & tones.  Additionally, by using GLOBALCOM.IP or .EDU, a rich library of pre-recorded messages is available that can be broadcast to specific zones or all-call.

The IPX Series utilizes Power Over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) using a single connected network cable that supplies power, source material, and control with no additional wiring required.

Each IPX Series loudspeaker model includes an integrated talkback microphone for full-duplex communications. Simply pressing a button allows communication with a preset location tied into one of its general purpose inputs. These GPIO connection ports additionally give the ability for external devices to trigger system activations such as pre-recorded announcements, magnetic locks, and more.

Talk To Me Interoperability ensures the IPX units can work within any VoIP system as they are open-platform engineered to communicate and be controlled by the top-selling providers of Unified Communications software platforms and standard SIP PBX systems.

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