AtlasIED Showcases Security, Mass Communication, and Audio Solutions at ISC West 2020

Phoenix, AZ – Uniquely positioned as "the audio resource for security integrators," AtlasIED will showcase a range of mission-critical audio and mass communication solutions for improved audible and visual security alerts, as well as speech privacy, in a variety of environments, including educational institutions, healthcare facilities, corporate campuses, transportation hubs and more. Featured at Booth #1042 are AtlasIED's proven communication technologies for fast, efficient emergency notification and ancillary audio systems for enhanced sound masking and speech privacy.

IPX Family of IP Endpoints ISE 2020 Best of Show Award AtlasIED

The company's award-winning IPX Family of IP Endpoints combined with its GLOBALCOM®.IP platform offers security integrators a comprehensive alert system that can be easily integrated into a facility's existing communications network and programmed to broadcast both general and emergency notifications across an entire facility or to specific zones.

"AltasIED is focused on providing comprehensive, interoperable security solutions to integrators through our broad range of audio communications systems," Michael Peveler, Vice President of Sales, AtlasIED. “We're committed to giving security integrators the tools they need, including innovative hardware, software, and audio equipment, to ensure the utmost safety of people at school campuses, corporate office, transportation facilities, and more."

IPX Family of IP Endpoints

A comprehensive integration-friendly solution for mass communication, AtlasIED's IPX Family of IP Endpoints provides a host of benefits to any facility that needs an effective, efficient means of providing audible and visual notifications, general paging, and emergency alerts. IPX Family, which includes speakers and visual displays, is an excellent system for expanding an existing VoIP or SIP communications platform. The speaker and display endpoints offer greater coverage than traditional handset-based communications systems, producing more effective notification of emergencies.

The system uses a facility's existing IT infrastructure for convenience and cost-savings and offers Auto Provisioning once it is on the network. "Talk To Me" Interoperability ensures the IPX units can work within any VoIP system, as they are open-platform engineered to communicate with and be controlled by the top-selling third-party providers of Unified Communications software platforms, such as Singlewire, as well standard SIP PBX systems and AtlasIED's GLOBALCOM®.IP Series of products.

Through a Unified Communications (UC) environment or the AtlasIED GLOBALCOM®.IP ecosystem, the IPX Family delivers smart automation, including pre-programmed notifications for common functions like bells and critical alerts. A comprehensive library of pre-recorded messages is available through GLOBALCOM®.IP or .EDU, which can be broadcast across the facility or directed to specific zones.


AtlasIED's GLOBALCOM®.IP communications platform unifies products under the IPX umbrella to simplify the integration and management of a facility's entire emergency, audio, video, and paging systems. For example, systems of an entire school campus can communicate under one unified control and management system instead of requiring administrators to use separate individual systems for each communications application.

AtlasIED GLOBALCOM Endpoint Alerts and Triggers

The heart of the system is the GLOBALCOM®.IP Announcement Control System (ACS) loaded with GCK3.0 application software.  Together, the ACS and GCK3.0 compose a software-based network appliance that manages the flow of communications traffic across all IP-enabled speakers, paging stations, networked power amplifiers, and IP-to-analog gateways, including analog amplifiers and speakers.

GCK3.0 supports Audio over Ethernet (AoE) functionality such as Audinate®, Dante, or CobraNet® digital audio. It can receive and transmit digital audio channels over a network and interoperable with third-party AoE hardware devices.

The GCK3.0 application running on an AtlasIED ACS Controller can store and manage up to 250 hours of pre-recorded audio message files, in any language. The announcements can automatically be activated by time scheduling or multiple triggers and broadcasted to any destination. It also supports triggers and/or receive notifications from third-party systems using General Purpose Interfaces such as contact closures or relays.

As an extra measure of security, GLOBALCOM®.IP includes a SMART override feature, which allows authorized on-site or off-site emergency responders to take control of the system and broadcast live announcements dynamically to any IP device or zone group(s). Emergency responders can securely activate alerts and control the system from within or outside the premises.

Z Series and M1000 Sound Masking Solutions

Offering security integrators an entry into related parts of the audio industry, AtlasIED will also demonstrate at ISC West 2020 sound masking solutions ideal for environments where reduced distraction and speech privacy are important, such as healthcare, clinical, and corporate or open workplace facilities. AtlasIED's Z Series , which generates pink and white noise, is available as either a four-zone (Z4) or two-zone (Z2) high-definition acoustical system, both of which include a mic-line input for paging/background music and a Bluetooth receiver for wireless music transmission.

The Z Series models are easy to install, with a slim, clean design that is aesthetically pleasing in virtually any application. Models can be mounted in-wall, on-wall, or in a rack. Once installed, all hardware and wiring are centrally located behind the secure front panel, making it convenient and easy to access for post-installation service. The front panel display allows for system programming as well as end-user control. Z Series High Definition Acoustical System AtlasIED

Complementing the Z Series is AtlasIED's M1000 sound masking speaker. Designed to accurately reproduce the needed spectrum of masking sound into the plenum space, the innovative enclosure ensures ample low-frequency response. A specially designed 8" dual cone loudspeaker is included, and a high efficiency 70.7V internal transformer is coupled to an external selector switch for easy system tuning. For more precise adjustments, an off switch and a wide selection of wattage taps ranging from .25 watts to 4 watts are provided. This innovative suspension system utilizes two collapsible galvanized hangers configured to allow quick upward, downward, or horizontal firing installation.

ISC West 2020 attendees can see the AtlasIED lineup of professional communications, security, and audio solutions at Booth #1042.