Mobile Panic Button Addresses Alyssa's Law Requirements

AtlasIED’s partner, Singlewire, announced recently its addition of a mobile panic button as part of their mobile interface and a panic button tie in to their InformaCast software. This allows anyone with access to the software on their device or within proximity to the panic button to deploy an emergency signal that can directly inform law enforcement of an urgent situation. It also allows for deployment of emergency messaging to other connected mobile devices, IPX endpoints, displays, VOIP phones, on and off premises.  This immediate connection to those who are most at risk and to those most able to save lives was an upgrade to their already robust platform which integrates natively with our IPX endpoint. Ultimately, this development for InformaCast is a response to the quick adoption of Alyssa’s Law in Florida, New York, and New Jersey. Alyssa’s Law is also currently being considered for legislation in 4 other states. 

From: “Alyssa’s Law is critical legislation addressing the issue of law enforcement response time when a life-threatening emergency occurs because time equals life. The law calls for the installation of silent panic alarms that are directly linked to law enforcement, so in case of any emergency they will get on the scene as quickly as possible, take down a threat and triage any victims.”

Read the Singlewire® statement below this video:

From Singlewire®:

Mobile Panic Button Launches

Singlewire Software has launched a new mobile panic button for its InformaCast mass notification app. End users will be able to request assistance when they are in need of help directly from their mobile phone, and administrators will be able to see who is requesting help and their location. “We are always looking to develop solutions that allow people to get help as fast as possible,” said Paul Shain, president and CEO of Singlewire Software. “The mobile panic button provides an immediate way for people to signal for help when they find themselves in a dangerous situation.”

Receive Real-time Insights

System administrators can now create mobile panic buttons from within the web interface that will appear on designated end-users’ InformaCast mobile app. When the user activates the button, they will receive instructions and be able to connect with safety teams via a phone call directly from the app to receive further assistance. Administrators will be notified that someone has activated the button and be able to see a user’s locations through the InformaCast mobile app. They will also be able to send follow-up messages to the user. The event is tracked so information can be relayed to first responders so they know where to go, who is involved, and what kind of situation they're walking into. “Being able to provide real-time insight into an event and give people a direct connection to those that can help them is a giant leap forward,” said Shain. “The more information our tools can provide, the better chance an organization has at achieving a successful outcome during a crisis.”