AtlasIED Collaborates with Global Partners to Shape the Future of Audio Solutions

Technological innovation and deep collaboration go hand in hand

As an internationally renowned commercial audio brand, AtlasIED is widely recognized for its continuous technological innovation and high-quality products. Recently, through close cooperation with global partners and the launch of a series of new products, it has further consolidated its leading position in the industry and brought more surprises and choices to users.

AtlasIED and Litron China: A Decade of Consistency, Together Creating Brilliance.

October 25th is a day of special significance for both AtlasIED and Litron. Mr. Matt Czyzewski, Executive Vice President of AtlasIED, made a special trip from the U.S. headquarters to Beijing, China, to have in-depth exchanges with our partner Litron, who has been working with us for 10 years. This visit is not a simple business trip, but an affirmation of the long-term cooperative relationship between the two parties, as well as an expectation and prospect for future cooperation.

Mr. Matt Czyzewski, Executive Vice President, AtlasIED

In the past ten years, the cooperation between AtlasIED and Litron has gone through the ups and downs of the market from scratch, from small to large, but the two sides have always insisted on growing together and achieved remarkable results. Litron is not only the exclusive distributor of AtlasIED professional and commercial audio in China, but also a powerful partner of AtlasIED in the Chinese market. The cooperation between the two sides has long gone beyond the traditional agent sales, and is the deep integration of technology research and development, marketing and after-sales service.

Mr. Matt Czyzewski said that the Chinese market is very important, and the company has been deeply involved in China for 20 years, and the development momentum has been good for 20 years. It has been successively applied to various types of large-scale projects, such as Hong Kong airport, Wuhan Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, The Ritz-Carlton Xi'an, Sanya Haitang Bay Hotel, Beijing Shunyi International School, Beijing National Defense University, Yuntou Center and other large-scale projects, etc. Since 2013, when Litron became the exclusive distributor of AtlasIED China, the market performance has been changing with each passing day, and the two sides have cooperated for 10 years. The primary factor behind AtlasIED's decision to collaborate with Litron is because Litron has strong technical support and sales promotion capabilities, and the agency personnel are distributed across the country and has timely service response, at the same time, Litron has the courage to innovate and abandon the model of simply selling products very early, focusing on providing customers with targeted system solutions. These are in line with AtlasIED's philosophy and direction. Over the past ten years, the two partners have developed and made progress together, and the cooperation has been pleasant, and the achievements are obvious to all, and the two sides will continue to cooperate in the future.

Matt Czyzewski presented the Long-term Cooperation Excellence Award to Cong Yonggang, General Manager of Litron

AtlasIED and Fyne Audio: A new chapter in audio technology

In June, AtlasIED announced a strategic investment in Fyne Audio, a high-end British HiFi audio brand. The partnership will leverage AtlasIED's expertise in integrated solutions with Fyne Audio's advanced transducer technology to expand market opportunities for both companies.

Fyne Audio, a company based in Glasgow, Scotland, may not have been around for a long time, but its influence in the audio industry should not be underestimated. In particular, its exclusive patented IsoFlare™ technology has revolutionized the audio industry. In this technology, the bass driver and tweeter share the same acoustic center, which has excellent sound performance even in the off-axis area, the energy diffusion is the same in all directions, and the directivity is very stable, which can bring out the best in the point sound source effect.

AtlasIED has partnered with Fyne Audio to develop the IsoFlare™ Series of premium ceiling loudspeakers.

IsoFlare™ Series Premium Ceiling Loudspeakers

The IsoFlare series of premium ceiling loudspeakers not only inherits the advantages of AtlasIED, but also incorporate Fyne Audio's IsoFlare™ technology, providing users with a natural and accurate sound, accurate and linear response, and consistent wideband directivity. There are seven models in the series, including 4” , 6” , and 8” blind mount models, a 4” low-profile model, an 8” subwoofer, and two pre-installed models. The new speakers feature a bezel-less grille design and are available in square and round, black and white options to meet the most stringent architectural constraints. For quick and safe installation, the IsoFlare™ series features a patented, tool-free dogleg mounting assembly on all models. Ideal for luxury hotels, upscale restaurants and bars, retail spaces, and corporate facilities.

AS Series all-weather surface-mount loudspeakers

AtlasIED developed the AS Series all-weather wall-mounted loudspeakers, with a modern industrial design that fits into any space, are equipped with high-efficiency transformers with a flat response that brings high-end performance and upgraded aesthetics to the surface-mount category. The AS Series has five full-range models, including 4”, 5”, 6”, 8”, and 10” models, as well as a 10” subwoofer. Each speaker supports a variety of mounting options, including eyebolts, universal brackets, and VESA compatibility. Whether it's an outdoor shopping mall, an open-air beer garden or a hotel lobby, the AS Series delivers a superior sound experience.

At InfoComm 2023 in Orlando, Florida, USA, the two series of products were displayed for the first time and attracted great attention. Among them, AtlasIED's IsoFlare™ series won the Best Exhibit Award. This award is not only a recognition of AtlasIED's innovative products, but also a recognition of its leadership in the audio industry.

The Future of AtlasIED: Innovation and Collaboration

Matt Czyzewski said that the success of AtlasIED depends not only on its technical strength, but also on its deep cooperation with global partners. Whether it is the long-term cooperation with Litron or the technical integration with Fyne Audio, AtlasIED has demonstrated the concept of open cooperation and common development.

In the future, AtlasIED will continue to work closely with global partners to develop more innovative products and bring more surprises to global commercial audio users. At the same time, AtlasIED will continue to increase its investment in technology research and development to bring more technological innovation and breakthroughs to the audio industry.

Matt also visited AtlasIED transportation system partner, Shanghai Bangshe, 20 years of in-depth development of Asia-Pacific airports. Matt presented the Excellence Award for Long-Term Cooperation to IED China's General Representative Shanghai Bangshe.