AtlasIED to Sponsor New VR product launch: X-VRSE by XTEN-AV at InfoComm 2023

Union City, CA – The world’s first cloud-based, AI-powered design and proposal software, has announced AtlasIED as their launch partner for X-VRSE, the groundbreaking new Virtual Reality solution by XTEN-AV. 

Staying true to their vision of leading the AV industry away from legacy methods of design and documentation, XTEN-AV is now moving to the next level of innovation. With the launch of the most powerful VR solution, X-VRSE, users can visualize, experience and customize their designs in an immersive environment. 

Collaboration with a market leader like AtlasIED to enhance this revolutionary technology, equips XTEN-AV to provide an extraordinary experience to its users, on the platform. Updated information about AtlasIED and an access to their extensive product library, in X-VRSE, empowers XTEN-AV users to achieve more with this futuristic upgrade.

The game-changing technology of X-VRSE is set to create a new industry benchmark by allowing users to create an immersive environment of the spaces that they have designed. It would expedite the design and sales process by 10X, allowing AV designers, integrators and sales teams to visualize designs at the primary stages of a project. Users can alter room aesthetics, add, position & change the devices in the room, check coverages and preview the entire space in a go. Additionally, users can “Bring their own room” and visualize it using X-VRSE.

AtlasIED and Fyne Audio Collaboration

We are excited to launch X-VRSE in partnership with AtlasIED. Adding a groundbreaking VR solution to the XTEN-AV platform was a well-planned next step to make the AV design and proposal software stronger,” said Vibhav Singh and Sahil Dhingra, co-Founders, XTEN-AV. “This partnership with AtlasIED helps us offer the users with a world-class VR experience and empowers them to create even more comprehensive designs & spaces.”

“X-VRSE aims to not just cut down AV project durations but also make the entire process more immersive, interactive and FUN!” continued the co-Founders. 

“Being a launch partner with XTEN-AV allows AtlasIED to integrate our expansive library of products with an interactive VR platform. X-VRSE provides a great step towards the progress of incorporating new technology into AV sales and design workflows. This partnership opens the potential, for the entire industry, to revolutionize their projects, with virtual reality,” said John Ivey, CEO at AtlasIED. 

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