16 Channel Active Audio Monitor Panel

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    Atlas-Sound's MVXA-2016 monitor panel is an active device for aural and visual monitoring of sixteen different speaker and line level circuits in any combination. Superior single-circuit board design offers outstanding performance with easy visual assessment in an ultra-thin single rack unit chassis.
    The MVXA-2016 sixteen channel monitor panel is equipped with the finest components including DC coupled capacitors at each input to maintain signal integrity without distortion, noise, or ground-loop occurrence (no transformer required).
    The MVXA-2016 will simultaneously monitor any combination of 25V, 70V, 100V, or line level signals from –30dBV (line level reference) to 200Vrms (100Vrms reference).
    Each input signal is individually calibrated using easy to position jumpers Clear, visual monitoring of each signal is accomplished using individual twelve segment LED bargraphs with a resolution of 33dB each. The bottom ten LEDs are green and have standard VU ballistics of -30dB to -2dB. The top two LEDs are red to identify peak response at 0dB to +3dB above reference level. These easy-to-see red LEDs provide quick identification of critical signal levels.

    • A 12 Segment LED Meter for Each Channel Provides Accurate Visual Monitoring of all Channels Simultaneously
    • An Internal Speaker, Headphone Jack, Line Level Output, and an External Speaker Output are Available for Versatile Aural Monitoring of Each Channel
    • Each Meter Can be Individually Referenced to Line Level (1Vrms), 25Vrms, 70Vrms, or 100Vrms Input to Collectively Monitor Multiple Signal Types in any Combination
    • Green LED's Indicate Standard VU Ballistics of -30 to -2dB, Red LED's indicate Peak Response at 0 to +3dB Above Reference Level LED's indicate Peak Response at 0 to +3dB Above Reference Level
    • Sophisticated Electronic Design Achieves 8 or 16 Channel Audible & Visual Monitoring in a Single Rack Space
    • Top Panel Diagram Depicts Functional Operation and Jumper Settings for Easy Installation and Service

    Rack Units 1
    Channels 16
    Height 1 3/4" (4.445 cm)
    Width 19" (48.26 cm)
    Depth 13 1/5" (33.53 cm)
    Shipping Weight 9.50 lbs (4.31 kgs)
    Warranty Period 12 months from date of purchase

    MVXA-2016 Owners Manual (12 pages) MVXA-2016 Owners Manual (12 pages)
    MVXA-2016 Datasheet (3 pages) MVXA-2016 Datasheet (3 pages)
    MVXA-2016 Datasheet (3 pages) MVXA-2016 Datasheet (3 pages)
    MVXA-2016_Wiring_Guidelines_Tech_Data (1 page) MVXA-2016_Wiring_Guidelines_Tech_Data (1 page)