Infrared Repeater System Connector Block


    For installation flexibility, the M-1CB4B amplified connector block is offered as a plugin interface device that provides connections for an M-1A Series repeater, four F-1 flashers, and power supply Model PS-M12. This configuration allows IR operation of up to four A/V components from up to four room locations. The M-1CB4B offers 1/8’ mini jacks for power supply Model PS-M12 and up to four F-1 flashers; it also provides terminals for wiring up to four M-1A repeaters (rooms) in parallel fashion. The units amplified circuit design supplies clear, strong IR data to source components.

    • 1/8" Mini Jacks for Power Supply Model PS-M12 and Up to Four F-1 Flashers
    • Plug-Interface Device that Provides Connections for an M-1A Series Repeater, Four F-1 Flashers, and Power Supply Model PS-M12
    • Units Amplified Circuit Design Supplies Clear, Strong IR Data to Source Components

    Height 13/16" (2.07 cm)
    Width 3" (7.62 cm)
    Depth 1 3/4" (4.45 cm)
    Shipping Weight 1.00 lb (0.45 kgs)
    Warranty Period 3 months from date of purchase

    M-1CB4B Install Sheet (1 page) M-1CB4B Install Sheet (1 page)